Farms assasa Group
Our group established as small company at 1969  for rice
trading and Milling and grew to be one of Biggest rice Mill
 in Egypt and one of Tope 5 exporter of Milled rice from Egypt

At 2004 farms assasa group establish first factory for
salt refining  under name of
Egyptian Lebanese company for food industry
and grow very fast to cover the Egyptian market and
export to 50 countries all over the world  and due to
huge demand our group establish second factory for
salt refining in Egypt under Name of
Sina salt for salt refining
and at 2012 we establish
our factory for salt refining in Ghana under name of
 salenet salt  to be first arm of farms assasa group
 in west Africa due to group of factories and
our intelligent stuff we establish our factory for
producing machines for salt refining  to manufacture
first centrifuge for salt refining in Egypt which has
efficacy and durability more better than all other
centrifuge we import that give them
push to manufacturer all other parts of salt
refining and as we have our factories for trial now we reach to best machine for salt refining you can get all over the world.